HRA manages new construction from blueprints that show everything our customer wants, so there’s no question. If there are changes to the blueprints desired, everyone involved agrees to a “change order” that records that change and will reflect any associated cost. This could range from extending the “plan”, to adding gold fixtures! Or anything else!


HRA performs many types of remodeling, or simply changing the fashion of a home with multiple facelift styles. Removing walls to open floor plans, installing beams and/or columns, or updating wall, floor or ceiling coverings and new paint. Such as adding crown molding, new cabinets and hardwood flooring. Or maybe even, removing “popcorn” for a slick, new up to date finish!



From early 1800’s frontier complete restorations, to updating mid 1900 style homes. Rebuilding foundations and structural flooring components is also one of our fortes. Very old buildings can be outfitted with lumber from that era, such as superb, refined mill wood from the 1800’s. Wormy oak from aging mills, mixed in with today’s product, possibly red oak, to add a contemporary touch to the end product! Barn wood from aging barns provides a classy touch from the past. Re-planed to spec, for any application!




HRA expanded its operational scope to include siding, interior repair, guttering, siding, or anything else needed to bring a home back to it’s original state, after the many storms that inundated Tennessee in 2000.

HRA expanded to include brickwork, a full brick patios with stone fireplaces, aluminum screened in with sound systems, or anything else our customer might desire. Classy additions, be it for an extra closet, bedroom or pool area. Concrete and stonework is just another of HRA’s accomplishments.



HRA began as a roofing contractor. HRA offers metal and any form of shingle application; from Lifetime warrantied, to a 20 year covering and flat surface roofing. All styles, including clay and Earth roofing!



There isn’t anything HRA can’t put together, for a legal and perfect venture with a homeowner. Your wish is our command; beautiful things, created to bring enjoyment to the residential world!

HRA is licensed to perform
up to $750K, in any single format
residential construction however,
multiple contracts can be used to encompass any job.

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