“No Money Out of Pocket” ROOFS

Geographic areas are documented as heavy damage areas and determined by storm tracking.  We concentrate on reaching home owners in these areas.  We also address the numerous pockets in undocumented areas that also sustained substantial damages from freakish storm movements.  We will answer any “call ins” and do individual quotations for special projects.

Then, we address the home owners in these areas and offer a free inspection service.  This is done to verify the extent and scope of the homeowner’s damages.  We report these items to the owner and determine whether it is a viable claim to be made to the homeowner’s insurance company.  If the damage meets that level of attention, we offer to represent the owner to their insurance company and to do the work that is approved.  It is our intent to perform in a manner consistent with the owner’s needs and to coincide with the insurance company’s claim process.

At the end of the day, most of our claims management agreements result in the homeowner getting their approved repairs, for no money out of pocket.  That is a misnomer though.  You, as the homeowner have paid your premiums faithfully and will finally get some of the services you’ve paid for.  So truly, it really isn’t free by any means, just no money out of pocket at that time.  This is a great service.  With our company representing you as the claimant and doing the work for the exact dollar amount awarded, it’s a “no brainer” for getting your damaged property repaired inexpensively.  This process comes with a warranty on materials and labor.  We will also offer quotation for any upgrades of additions the homeowner may want beyond the insurance company’s claim scope for damages.

HRA gives you the greatest advantage in getting necessary repairs done before the damage can spread.

  • Manages your insurance claim with your insurance company so nothing gets swept under the rug, forgotten, or missed
  • Provides insured, bonded and licensed contract work with a manufacturer’s warranty on all materials and a 1 year warranty on labor
  • Performs work approved by your insurance company for the exact dollar amount awarded and in writing
  • Offers all arrangements in writing – no surprises or hidden costs

95% of our clientele claims are approved

95% of approved claims receive all needed repairs for


At the end of the day… Everybody Wins!

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